︎Ian is a designer focused on the inherently experimental nature of design work; his practice balances an interplay of client goals and chance operations. Formally educated in engineering, he has experience in an analytical research-based approach to problem solving. He owns and operates a risograph printing press. Through working in print he adds a physical process to his investigative practice in experimental typesetting, layout, and design theory.

︎Ian is currently working in design and editorial at the Walker Art Center.


︎Spring 2019
Playtime, Minneapolis, MN

︎March 2018 (group)
Risotto Studio, Glasglow, Scotland
United Kingdom

︎February 2018 (group)
“Riso Pop-Up Gallery”
Chicago Design Museum, Chicago, IL

︎July 2017
“Techno Trash”
Norseman, Minneapolis, MN

Schoolhaus Apprenticeship
Aesthetic Apparatus, Dan Ibarra, Zak Sally, Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor’s of Chemical Engineering
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN